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Consumer Tricks That You Could Do On Your IPhone

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016:

Technology has advanced more than ever these days. With the new line of phones coming out on a regular basis, competition is fierce. Yet the iphones have always remained a step ahead, and have provided customers with satisfactory service for many years. Just take a look ahead to learn more about the iphone and its amazing features. Find your phone fast with the brand new, free app called Find My iPhone. It lets you remotely access your phone to provide you with coordinates on a map, turn the volume up so the phone can be heard from under thick cushions, […] Read More →

How To Tap Into Your Ipad’s Capabilities

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016:

The advancements in technology that have occurred over the past several decaades are quite amazing. You can do so much more with computers and technology then ever before. The iPad is no different, and the tips below will introduce you to the best this gadget can offer. iPad’s iOS supports folders now. Put your finger on an app for several seconds and drag it into another. This will create a folder with both apps. You can also rename the folder easily. The user reviews are generally incredibly accurate in representations of the quality of the application. Of course, you need […] Read More →

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