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An Innovative Specialty Pharmacy Expands Its Reach Beyond Long Island

Paramount Logo

Long Island based Specialty Pharmacy, IslandCare, has changed their name and branding to Paramount Specialty Pharmacy to reflect their rapidly expanding reach and growing offering of innovative services.

The specialty pharmacy world has grown exponentially in the past few years due to expanding legislation and emerging technology—and IslandCare has been at the forefront of that growth. When their newest location opened in November in Albany, New York, along with their licenses to serve in New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania, it felt like the proper time for a brand evolution.

In February, IslandCare Specialty Pharmacy announced their name change to Paramount Specialty Pharmacy, along with a full rebrand. The Paramount name represents their steadfast commitment to both patients and physicians. Paramount believes that when a specialty pharmacy puts the lives of its consumers first, their lives don’t have to change.

“We’re excited to reveal the new face of our pharmacy. We’ve expanded significantly in the past few years—exploring additional areas of the industry, creating strategic partnerships and developing new ways to improve our patients’ lives. We feel the new branding visually reflects our passion for the highest quality care, as we continue to introduce our Specialty Pharmacy services to the rest of the country,” said John Civitello, RN, Principal of Paramount Specialty Pharmacy.

Paramount is taking a proven business model established in Long Island and implementing it on a national scale. They have the resources and experience necessary to bring their unique neighborhood and community oriented approach to patients across the country. The specialty pharmacy is working diligently to roll out unique…

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