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BREXIT BOMBSHELL: EU demands EVERY UK number plate is RECALLED by 2019 | UK | News

The European Highways Commission (EHC) is insisting the UK’s 27 million cars, vans, trucks, busses and lorries are re-fitted with plates displaying the national flags of either England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland at a staggering cost of nearly £1 BILLION. 

It means British motorists face an average bill of £35 per vehicle to replace their existing plates, while some multi-vehicle households could have to stump up £100 or more before March 2019 when the UK formally leaves the EU.    

The unelected commissioners, who are responsible for the maintenance and safety of European roads, passed a resolution formally calling for the change yesterday.

The motion claimed police and other transport authorities across the continent use standardised EU number plates to ensure “clarity and safety” across the road network and that this uniformity must be preserved.

Commission chairman Wateen Gekkehuis said: “EU number plates are specifically designed so authorities across the continent know the vehicle originates from an EU member state.

“We can’t allow a situation where vehicles from other third party countries are driving on the European Union road network incorrectly identified as having originated from within the EU.

“If we allowed it for British cars and lorries after Brexit, what’s to stop people from Africa, Russia or elsewhere putting similar numberplates on their vehicles?

“That in turn has implications for Interpol and other agencies which are logistically unviable and simply far too complicated for us to allow.”

He added: “This is not about punishing those who voted to leave the EU. 

“It is unfortunate for the British driver but we have a duty to protect the safety and fundamental freedoms of motorists from other member states.”

Mr Gekkehuis also confirmed that his commission is considering increasing road tolls for UK motorists who drive in mainland Europe after Brexit, claiming that improved vehicle recognition technology would “certainly” make that…

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