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Crown traces suspect’s steps at triple murder trial of Ian Bush – Ottawa

An Ottawa police forensic imaging specialist spent the second day of Ian Bush’s triple murder trial painstakingly tracing the suspect’s footsteps in the hours leading up to the deaths of a federal tax court judge, his wife and their neighbour.

Michael Ross was tasked with painting a detailed, chronological picture of the movements of a person of interest in connection with the killings of Alban Garon, 77, his 73-year-old wife Raymonde, and their friend Marie-Claire Beniskos, 78.

The three were found bound, gagged and beaten to death in the Garons’ 10th-floor apartment at 1510 Riverside Dr. on June 30, 2007.

Ian Bush, 61, is shown in court Tuesday during jury selection for his triple murder trial, which started Wednesday. (Sketch by Lauren Foster-MacLeod for CBC News)

Ross created a chronology that includes video surveillance and still images from Hurdman bus station on June 29, 2007, satellite photography and computer-generated images.

The video shows a man in dark pants and a light-coloured T-shirt holding a bag in one hand while walking from the bus station in the direction of the 1510 Riverside, then returning about an hour later before disappearing behind two buses that leave the station.

The Crown claims the man in the video is Ian Bush, and said that was confirmed by Bush’s son, who recognized his father’s fanny pack and distinctive gait.

In cross-examination, defence counsel Geraldine Castle-Trudel made reference to the jerkiness of the surveillance video and asked if it could alter a person’s movement. Ross replied that it could.

Castle-Trudel also asked Ross whether his video chronology examined a broader area beyond Hurdman and the apartment building, such as surrounding residences or bike and foot paths. Ross answered that it did not, and said he only included video footage that was specifically requested in a police report.

Castle-Trudel asked if Ross had looked at video footage from the day before the killings and the day…

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