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FastBlue Communications Goes Green With iPads

There are a number of ways for a business to measure the return on its IT investments – increased productivity, time saved, reduced costs, etc. When you invest in new technologies, such as mobile apps, smartphones, and tablets that mesh with your corporate mission, there are added benefits.

That was the case for FastBlue Communications, a premier master agency for business telecommunications services and direct provider of enhanced conferencing services and IP Transit. Recently, FastBlue moved the majority of its employees to Apple’s iPad in order to help streamline its daily operations.

As a result, the premier master agency has created considerable operational efficiencies, saved money, and became more “green friendly” in the process. In addition, FastBlue’s focus on technology has helped the modest-sized company better compete on a large-scale international level.

FastBlue’s findings speak to something widespread among many small and medium-sized businesses – that even when resources are stretched thin, calculating a return on technology investments is rarely a strict matter of dollars and cents. As a modest-sized company, the premier master agency does not have the ability to devote large teams of people to study the return on investment of their initiatives; however you can see the return in the work being done by each employee. FastBlue’s Kevin O’Brien explained, “The full ROI is difficult to calculate when you are utilizing modern technology to unshackle our employees’ ability to affect positive changes within our company.”

Moreover, one of FastBlue’s top sales agents, Eric Swanstrom, is thrilled to be working on the new iPad because “it provides you with the ability to have all the necessary information you need right at your fingertips, which is not only effective, but crucial when I am out of the office meeting with new or existing customers.”

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