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Fewer crashes, readability improvements should keep Firefox browser users loyal

Competition in tech is good for consumers, so I’m glad to see Mozilla pumping up its Firefox browser as it struggles to keep from being buried by Google Chrome. Firefox 53, released Tuesday has a number of important tweaks, including changes to its architecture which Mozilla claims will reduce crashes by a solid 10 percent.

The new Firefox, which you can download here, also contains a number of visual tweaks, including more readable tabs and a theme for reading in low light without straining your eyeballs.

I’ve been a Firefox user for years, but Chrome has long since grabbed a much larger share of the browser market, making it all the more important for Mozilla to keep the innovations flowing.

The changes under the hood that make Firefox more stable are the first fruits of what Mozilla calls Project Quantum, a long-term effort to improve the browser launched last year. According to Mozilla, the new code in Firefox 53, called a quantum compositor, will work for about 70 percent of Firefox users – those on Windows 10, 8, and 7 with the Platform Update, on computers with graphics cards from Intel, NVidia or AMD.

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