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Gangster Dave Courtney vows heart attack ‘won’t kill me’ in video from hospital bed

GANGSTER Dave Courtney has suffered a minor heart attack – but claims there’s “nothing wrong with me” in a video posted from his hospital bed.

The 58-year-old shared the clip, which shows him appearing to sleep in his hospital bed, on his Facebook page this weekend.


Gangster Dave Courtney has posted a video from his hospital bed after suffering a heart attack


The hardman said there was ‘nothing wrong with him’ and he was just waiting for a scan


He claimed despite the heart attack he was feeling ‘buff’

In it he says that despite suffering the heart attack on Tuesday he’s feeling “buff” and claimed that if anyone else rings to check if he’s ok he would “punch [them] straight in the f***ing head”.

The notorious hardman, who was once an associate of the Kray twins and has a reputation for using a knuckle duster to call in his debts, was only still in hospital because the scanning machine was broken.

He said: “Are you f***ing real?


Courtney said he would ‘punch anyone in the head’ who asked if he was ok


The former associate of the Kray Twins said he was only still in hospital as the scanner was broken


He said: ‘Do you honestly believe that I’ve had a f***ing heart attack and it’s going to kill me?’

“Do you honestly believe that I’ve had a f***ing heart attack and it’s going to kill me?

“Let me tell ya, I had a minor heart attack on Tuesday, they was guna let me home on Wednesday but the machine was broken and I couldn’t get a scan so I’ve now gotta stay in here until I get a f***ing scan -which is on Monday.”

Walking around his hospital room dressed in a t-shirt and giant gold chain, claimed there was nothing wrong with him and that there was no…

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