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Getting to know…Downtown Country Roads Antiques | Business

This shop carries unique antiques that you will not find in most shops. Our wooden items are cleaned and ready to use or display in your cabin or home. Alice and her late husband, Dave, have been in the antique business for more than 40 years. They built a big barn shop in northern Arizona and worked there until 2002 when they decided to move back to Minnesota. They sold that business to their daughter and her husband, then built a home and shop three miles from where they were both raised. On the advice of her children and many fiends, Alice found a nice retail shop in the heart of Grand Rapids and has been moving from her shop in Cohasset. Her daughter, Sue, along with friends, Jan and Dave, are helping run the new shop. With the help of her best friend, Georgeanne, the two girls went on a three-week buying trip through the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico. When Alice returned home, she took the 30-plus year of watching Dave bring dusty, old, wooden pieces back to life and applied those skills to her new-found treasures. Dave would be proud for the work she has put into these items.

Together for seven years, Jan and Dave have a unique style that compliments each other’s talents. Jan has been working with metal for more than 20 years and is currently designing a series of flowers made out of old barn tin. Dave is a finish carpenter and prefers to work with barnwood. On occasion, they collaborate on a furniture design and combine rustic wood/metal to create a one-of-a-kind custom piece. If you have something in mind and can’t find it anywhere, bring your idea by the shop, Jan or Dave will be happy to make the design come to life.

Coffee is always free and occasionally there are fresh-baked goodies. We offer layaways and are always open to a fair deal. Our inventory is constantly changing and…

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