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‘Godspeed, John Glenn’ – The New York Times


Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

America stood still that day — Feb. 20, 1962 — as John Glenn, a Marine pilot, climbed into the Mercury capsule, named the Friendship 7, sitting on the launchpad at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

In a flight that took about five hours, Mr. Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth. In that short time, he became a hero to his generation and those that followed.

After the flight, Mr. Glenn was honored by the White House, on Broadway and around country. He became a symbol of can-do spirit, lifting morale and restoring self-confidence at a time when many felt that the United States was falling behind the Soviet Union.

Mr. Glenn died Dec. 8 at age 95, and he was laid to rest Thursday at Arlington National Cemetery. His flag-draped coffin covered in plastic to protect it from the pouring rain, was carried to the grave site on a horse-drawn caisson.

Mr. Glenn’s family scheduled the service on the date that would have been his 74th wedding anniversary.


Rachel Larue/US Army/Arlington National Cemetery, via Associated Press

His widow, Annie Glenn, 97, attended the ceremony wearing a red dress; she held a single red rose as she sat in tent next to the couple’s two children, John David and Carolyn. She spoke with visible warmth to the Marine who presented her with the flag, and their faces nearly touched before she gave him a kiss.

Six Marine pallbearers in dress uniforms carried Mr. Glenn’s coffin.

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