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Meeting Your Adviser Face To Face

After much research and inquiries, you have finally decided to go with a firm to handle all of your financial planning and advice. You have called and spoken to the advisor long enough, and now the time has finally come for that very important face to face meeting. You and your spouse are very excited because that voice on the phone is now about to become a real life person. You are nervous because you are not sure exactly what to expect. However, there is really nothing to worry about because the three of you are going to get to know one another over a period of time.

Planning Your Future Together

All the way driving to the firm, you were picturing how things were going to go with the face to face meeting. However, there will be more than one meeting that you all will be going to. The investment process is not going to be covered in just one face to face exchange. Here is more information about what to expect from your initial meeting with financial advisor:

•  Your First Hello: The first meeting will be a little nerve wracking because you all do not know each other very well. However, things will not too bad once the conversation starts going. The financial advisor is going to use this as a chance to gather some very important information that is going to be needed.

•  Financial Information: After the nerves have passed, and you all are feeling a lot more at ease, it is time to talk about your financial situation. This is the chance for you both to talk to this financial expert about what you want to do about the future.  You are going to have to explain to this person what your goals are so the plans can be made.

•  The Plan: At your next meeting, your financial friend is going to show you the plan that was created.  Together, you all can look it over and then decide if you want to make changes or if the plan can be put into place. If you have any questions, this is the chance you will have to ask them, especially now that a plan has been created. Once…

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