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Palmetto Politics: South Carolina Republican congressman invites New York liberal Democrat to shooting range | Palmetto Politics

What happens when a conservative South Carolina congressman and a liberal New York Democrat go to a shooting range together?

The world may never know.

U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., kicked things off on Twitter by promising to fight legislation that would make it easier to purchase gun silencers.

“When someone gets shot by a gun with a silencer, it’s quiet. Witnesses might not hear. Police will be less likely to track down the shooter,” she tweeted.

Upstate U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., a lifelong hunter and sponsor of a bill to streamline gun suppressor purchases, tweeted a reply: “You seem misinformed. I’d love to invite you to a firing range to demonstrate them first hand. Interested?”

Gun suppressors are tube extenders affixed to the end of a gun barrel that capture the gases released during a shot, muffling much of the bang.

Duncan’s bill would apply the same federal background checks for gun purchases as it does to suppressor purchases, making it as easy to buy one as the other.

Gillibrand has not yet tweeted an acceptance to Duncan’s invitation.

Anti-Trump bias at Sullivan’s Island Elementary?

Charleston County Republican Party Chairman Larry Kobrovsky suspected there’s an anti-Donald Trump bias in public schools.

So he filed a Freedom of Information Act request to prove it.

Kobrovsky’s FOIA went to the Charleston County School District seeking an email Sullivan’s Island Elementary principal Susan King sent telling teachers not to live-stream Trump’s presidential inauguration Jan. 20.

“Using the inauguration as a teaching tool can be valuable, but it would need to be done extremely thoughtfully and in an educationally meaningful format,” she said. “Do not stream live today.”

King suggested teachers use “previewed clips” on the next school day or at a later time as “definitely okay.” If someone had a question or concern…

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