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Redskins will have options at 17 to help both sides of the ball – Washington Redskins Blog

The Washington Redskins can go in a few directions in the first round of the NFL draft — and shouldn’t focus on one side of the ball. But what they do with their first pick could impact the second question in this week’s mailbag. The first one involves what area they might go at 17; the second question surrounds whether this remains a championship-caliber offense.

John Keim: Former general manager Scot McCloughan was rather clear in his two drafts that he’d take what he considered the best player available. I’ve yet to talk to a GM who has ever said to draft for need (in some cases, the line will be: best player at position of need). The point: taking the best player is always the correct answer. You never know when a need will arise. I’d expect them to continue the best player route.

On offense, the strength in the area Washington selects will be running back and receiver and perhaps tight end. If the one guard who projects in the first round is available, I’m saying no thanks. Four of their five starters were selected in the third round or higher – and two in the first. They have the talent; I would look for one later in the draft, a guard/center combo.

Running back provides the most intriguing options because of how it could diversify their attack. They would be most likely to provide immediate help – whether that’s Dalvin Cook or Christian McCaffrey. There are a handful of receivers in this range, whether it’s Corey Davis, Mike Williams or John Ross. The latter has fantastic speed, which always helps. There are questions at receiver; there also are a few options on the roster and I’m not sure, at this point, if adding another inexperienced wideout is the answer. That said, there are good running backs into the fourth round. The point: They don’t need to…

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