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Let me give you the mirror, but if you see some fault on its face, do not blame the mirror, but something reflected onto the mirror. Know that it is your own image; find the fault in yourself!
–Excerpt from The Conversations (Maqalat) of Shams of Tabriz
In the chaos that prevails around us the most authentic hope comes from Sufis whose poetry and philosophy combines the virtuous message of formal religion with the transcendental values of love and harmony.
Sufism, the source from which the mystical world springs, enables an individual to purge his mind of all toxic emotions and helps restore balance and harmony. As the acclaimed modern Sufi Inayat Khan says: “The secret of life is balance and the absence of balance is life’s destruction”
The foundation of Sufism is the life-determining belief in God. Sufis are touched and moved by Him, pervaded by the awareness of God. Their lives are centred entirely on God. They have unlimited faith in Him who cares for everyone. Sufism has been concerned with building bridges, not least between communities whose contact can be of mutual benefit. Through years of effort, Sufi masters have developed a scientific approach to achieving such refinement
The finest exponent of this luminous philosophy was Rumi (which means daylight), the great 13th century Sufi mystic and the patron saint of Sufism. Rumi sought freedom for his soul through a mystical connection with the divine and the expression of that relationship through art.
Rumi considers a human heart like a mirror. When a mirror is stained with dirt, it cannot properly reflect the image that appears in it. The human heart is the index of the purity of the individual’s spiritual system. It is its hologram. Everything that we experience as a problem is within ourselves….

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