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Run will Provide Confidence for Children

In addition, the running-induced psychological changes will also benefit young people as adults. My self-confidence will be largely increased if I know that I only run slower than a few people in my early years. An unwonted sense of equality will come to a teenager’s mind if he take part in a race and exceed a strong twenty-five years old adult for his sprinting in the rest one hundred yard. Roger Bannister wrote: “Adolescence is often a period of psychological conflict and anxiety in the past few years, if a male take part in some arduous activities that can greatly exercise his physical and mental changes, he may withstand the test more successfully. It was also noted that this was Roger Bannister’s advice in the past decades. If he writes this article now, he will undoubtedly include girls as boys.

Even in the period before puberty, it is also a very appropriate time for running. One day in the fall, I went to New York City’s north of Franklinite Park to watch the Junior National Cross Country Championships of the same age. There were three thousand four hundred and twenty-nine participants of boys and girls, some of which were only six years old. They conducted a mile and a half race by following a track around the wide lawn. They were divided into groups, each group with a difference of two years. Like bee, they run on a batch and with crowds. First, six and seven years old girls, then eight and nine years old girls, in order of priority continues until the sixteenth and seventeenth-year-old boy. The result of the game makes people feel surprised.

There is a girl who belongs to the most immature group, run over the full distance with less than seven and a half minutes per mile. In the same age group, a boy costs ten minutes and eighteen seconds to go all the way. For his speed, even many adults can not catch up with him. Comparing to their running speed, their emotions worth more noting. When children were in the final few yards of the sprint, their face…

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