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Skills a Developer Must Have for Successful Android Application Development

A survey by the IDC Statistical Institute, 7 in 10 smart phone users have Android installed in their devices. In fact, the growth of Android has been substantial if based on the number of apps submitted to Google Play alone. Experts even believe that it is on pace to reach the 1 million apps mark earlier than the Apple Store. Of course, that would not be surprising when you consider the number of manufacturers that use Android for the OS of their phones. With that said if you want to reach out to as many people as possible then Android mobile application development is the next strategic step to advance your business goals.

Choosing right

The success of the Android application development hinges upon the skills of the developer. Making the wrong choice will not only produce low-quality apps but also set your deadline of release weeks or even months and that’s being lucky since some freelance developers could not even deliver on the stipulations of their contracts.

It’s patently obvious that you put premium on the track record of the developer for your Android mobile application development, although it could be argued that experience is not necessarily as long as the portfolio is solid.

Skill sets to look for

The developer should have good communication skills. This is important since not all businesses are technically savvy and may not be able to understand the goals of the Android application development. Communication also entails listening skills so he can better integrate the company’s mission and vision and translate the company’s demands into a workable application.

The developer should not only have the skills but also an appreciation of a deadline. He might have the best skill sets in the world but if he could not deliver on time, it will be bad PR for the company. This is where freelancers—however cheap their services might be—are at a disadvantage because nobody will cover their backlogs. 

The developer should also know the market. This will be…

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