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Solido Launches ML Labs, Making Machine Learning-Based EDA Software Solutions Available to Semiconductor Companies

Solido Design Automation, a leading provider of variation-aware design and characterization software, today announced the immediate launch of its Machine Learning (ML) Labs. Through this initiative, for the first time Solido is making its machine learning technologies and expertise developed over the past 12 years, in conjunction with its variation-aware design and characterization products, available to collaboratively work with semiconductor companies to develop new ML-based electronic design automation (EDA) products.

ML Labs enables semiconductor companies to work with Solido in developing ML-based EDA products to address design challenges. In particular, Solido has ML technologies and expertise to address:

  • Expensive data acquisition problems, where using brute force methods are time- and resource-intensive, and can generate overwhelming amounts of data leading to uncertainty
  • Big data problems, where scarce expert resources are required to provide data insights
  • Data visualization problems, where advanced user interfaces are required
  • Providing a complete EDA product solution integrated in current design flows

The core underlying technologies in Solido’s Variation Designer and its new ML Characterization Suite provide the backbone for ML Labs.

Variation Designer, available since 2007, uses machine learning algorithms to solve integrated circuit (IC) design challenges for more than 1000 designers and 35 major companies worldwide, achieving full design coverage in memory, standard cell, and analog/RF applications in orders-of-magnitude fewer simulations than brute force while maintaining accuracy. This allows designers to achieve high performance, high yielding, low area, and low power IC designs, and to stay competitive with quickly advancing semiconductor trends in high performance computing,…

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