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The Role and Duties of A Filipino Immigration Attorney

When contemplating to travel to another country, make certain you more or less know their set of laws, rules and regulations, so as not to get you in a lot problems. However, if in case you happen to be trapped in a serious and hard scenario and have violated the law, seek legal assistance instantly. In the Philippines, a Filipino immigration lawyer is certainly what you need.

Law offices are found across the country, both large and small. Just as there are any kinds of laws in the Philippines, there are also many areas of concern or specialised areas that are covered by attorneys, these include but are not limited to , U.S and Philippine Immigration law, Business and Commercial law, Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Licensing and Franchising, Labor and Employment Law, Adoption, Annulment, Philippine Family Law, Wills and Successions, Administrative litigation, Civil and Criminal Law and litigation.

In this article, allow us to lead our focus on the immigration law. There are numerous law firms around the country that can help you with regards to immigration worries; there are law offices that have lawyers who are highly trained and experts in this particular area. Their offers and services includes although not restricted to obtaining visa for newly employed workers, visa extension for tourist visitors, obtaining special visa for former Filipino Citizens, immigration litigation, bureau’s blacklist, these are just a handful of the many services that can be delivered.

For example, in an unlucky turn of events that a foreigner national is arrested by operatives in the bureau of immigration, immigration lawyers can offer legal assistance, such as filing a petition for bail or voluntary deportation. Another example could be, for whatever reasons, a foreigner’s name is blacklisted, they are not able to leave or go back to the country, there are still ways to have this fixed, immigration lawyers can help the clientele by filing a petition…

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