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Visit Powerblanket at the ISA Annual Convention

Enjoy many spring and summer festivities with a Keg Cooler from Powerblanket ICE.

Equipment lasts longer, projects stay on track, and fluids flow smoothly with Powerblanket.

Enter to win a Portable Keg Cooler at our booth during the ISA Annual Convention.

The leader in total temperature control, Powerblanket designs and manufactures high technology smart controls and monitoring devices, heating blankets, and chilling products that solve a wide range of temperature problems. Industries such as oil and gas, construction, industrial, mining, and railroad rely on innovative Powerblanket® technologies to control the temperature variable. Choose from customized freeze protection to solutions for process heating and process cooling. With Powerblanket equipment lasts longer, projects stay on track, and fluids flow smoothly. Use Powerblanket year round to prevent costly setbacks, increase productivity and achieve total temperature control.

Here are some of the products Powerblanket will show off at this show:

Clear the Path: Summerstep Snow Melting Mats

Slips, trips, and falls will decrease dramatically when the path is clear. Powerblanket offers a new method for clearing the path that does not use chemicals or salt, or require back-breaking shoveling. Summerstep™ industrial snow melting mats use radiant heat technology to melt snow and ice on walkways, stairs and doorways. Not only does Summerstep melt away the existing ice and snow, but as the storm continues, the path will stay clear as accumulating snow will instantly melt away. Summerstep snow melting mats can be linked together to match the length you need to ensure safe travels.

Take Control: Beacon Remote Temperature Monitor and Controller

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