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Why Invest in Gold Now?

Many people have heard the drumbeat of financial advisors telling people to invest in gold.  A lot of them are asking, why invest in gold now?  During challenging economic times, gold is viewed as a stable investment less likely to be affected by stock market swings and real estate busts.  Because gold is a commodity you can hold in your hand, it is generally considered different than paper investments such as stocks and bonds.

Throughout history, gold has always had value.  Since ancient times it has been used for jewelry, money and symbolism.  This has never been truer than it is today.  India is the world’s largest buyer of gold.  In India, gold is important in body adornment, religious decoration and for industrial use.  Developing nations worldwide are experiencing a boom in gold.

If you decide to invest in gold, you should always buy from a reputable dealer like Merit Financial that has a long history of treating their customers fairly.  Gold has always had the problem of shady individuals trying to scam people into paying more than they should.  By choosing Merit Financial, which has been in business for 26 years, customers know that the gold product received is worth the money they are paying for it.  They will also deal with important issues like security, insurance, shipping, storage, and appraisals.  There are all kinds of serious considerations that could impact the value of your purchase.  Advisors should assist you in determining what kind of gold you should buy.  Do you want gold bars, gold coins, or gold bullion?  

The history of gold is fascinating. Scientists believe that all the gold discovered by man came from meteorites. Egyptians loved gold; gold became the first universally recognized metal for coins, and the lust for gold led to wars and new discoveries.

The world uses gold to recognize the best of the best.  First place medals are called gold medals and are often made of real gold.  Trophies like The Oscar and The Grammy…

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